Wednesday, March 7, 2007

EclipseCon Tuesday

I've just recovered from a near death experience after my computer refused to connect to the internet since last night. Hence the late blog. But thanks to some help from Dave and his magical incantation, i.e., "netsh int ip reset reset.log", I'm back online! I promised to nag less about progress on the EMF book as compensation.

I got a nice picture of Rich, the man who's helped make EclipseCon great this year, and is my partner in crime leading the Modeling project. Great job Rich!!

Here we are waiting eagerly for Scott Adams to speak. Scott was great!

I attended the Java 7.0 talk but was disappointed that they didn't show us anything concrete. Marcelo and my "Modeling Generics with Ecore" talk went okay, but we were a little rushed to finish. I hope folks got something useful out of it.

Lunch was very good; Wassim clearly enjoyed it. Note that he's shaved, so no touch ups were necessary. Is that a new shirt Wassim? It's very nice.

In the afternoon, I attended the talk that TOPCASED folks gave. They are doing lots of cool things! After that was our modeling comparison panel. Here's Cedric from Obeo.

And Anoine from Intalio.

They are starting a new EMFT component for a model-based compare framework, so they'll soon be the latest additions to the EMF/EMFT team. Community participation is great. Jean-Michael was interested in our use of the Eclipse compare framework.

The reception at the exhibition was fun and the food was excellent. Check out the chocolate fountain in the background!

Bernd and company were relaxing on the floor. I expect the oAW guys will be working on a workflow component in EMFT soon.

I also spotted Fred. He used to work for IBM but is working for QNX now, but I spoke to him anyway.

I also spotted Harm and John, who seem almost a little bit too friendly!

Ward did an excellent job hosting the Eclipse Blue Sky BoF, aka, the BS BoF. One of my main conclusions was the bundles rock but features suck.

This was followed by our Modeling BoF. Here's a picture of the PMC members who were present, i.e., Kenn, me, Rich, and Jean.

We had lots of lively discussion.

And of course the conclusion was that we just don't have enough documentation. Please help us write some. Contribute articles, you'll get nice Eclipse wear. In the next picture, the TOPCASED guys are in the right hand corner. I'm hopeful that they soon will become committers working on graphical editing support for Ecore and UML. Woo hoo!

And finally the day ended with a night cap at the bar.

It was a great day, that was marred only by my loss of internet connectivity before I could complete my blog.


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Great job Ed, keep on blogging with the pictures!

Anonymous said...

EclipseCon seems to be great.
And Eclipse Modelling Project rocks !
I hope to see you again at Eclipse Summit. Thanks for pictures.
One thing cool would be to have on 1 picture, all the EMP guys ...