Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wednesday was yet another fun filled day. Robert Lefkowitz left us with the message that because it's free, open source software is clearly worthless, otherwise we'd charge money for it. Then I attended the Bernd and Arno's interesting talk about model transformation. After that I had a chat with the TOPCASED guys about their concerns that EMF generated code might be considered EPL, which would be bad news for IBM because there's an awful lot of EMF generated code there. I followed up with Janet on that issue at the reception in the evening, but that still left me with questions. In my opinion, the intellectual property is the model itself; the generated code is just a manifestation of that.

"The modeling meet the experts" session turned out to be more of a "the modeling experts talk with each other" session. It was nice to see Joel again! He and Paul are the JET guys. I couldn't edit my templates without Joel's editor

Boris dropped by to talk about how EMF might be integrated with the data binding framework. That would sure be a good thing. Perhaps something to do in my "spare time."

I attended John and Eric's talk about Jazz, and then Shaun and Stefan's talk about JPA persistence support for EMF. That was too cool! Later Ward, Bjorn, and Mike met with all the committer reps to talk about where we'd like to see things go. It's good I didn't blog about the board meeting, because that would have been a no-no, as I found out; I still need to learn the rules of engagement. The committer reps agreed that we will have to try harder to be good representative and especially to be more visible and more accessible. Voter apathy (10% voted) is rather sad, but it's not surprising when the representatives are kind of invisible. I'd really like to see Bjorn be able to attend board meetings, because the community depends a great deal on his and Ward's guidance.

After that we attended the Jazz BoF, which was really cool stuff! Here's picture of all the EMF committers after that event.

This was followed by the much anticipated party where the three community award winners, Chris, Kim, and I, pooled our party money to have a community party at the bar in the Hyatt.

Kim, one of the people that make the platform's build happen, enjoyed herself.

So did Kenn, Nick, and our latest EMF convert.

In fact, when the drinks are free, who wouldn't have a good time?

Wassim is looking dapper as ever, until someone spilled a drink on him.

Joe and company had a good time as well.

And of course Michael, the official trouble maker, did too.

And certainly I had a great time!

Perhaps too good a time. I mean two drinks at once. Please! (But they were free!!)

I think Pascal and Wassim were getting just a bit too friendly. Wassim doesn't even have heavy drinking as an excuse.

This was followed by a debate about the fact that bundle rock but plugins suck. I'm still not quite convinced that Pascal's proposal for bundle groups isn't just a different name for the same sucky thing, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

It was an awful lot of fun to spend our money on an open party for the community. Many of us stayed up a little too late, but it was well worth it. It was the pizzas that kept us going. Really it was.... And who said blogging and alcohol don't mix?

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