Thursday, February 19, 2009

The itemis Cloudsmith Eclipse Foundation Summit

There was an itemis Cloudsmith Eclipse Foundation Summit at my place yesterday. Bjorn was the first dignitary to arrive and of course hooking into my high speed wireless network was the first priority.

Mitch Sonies arrived shortly before lunch so after hooking into the network we were ready for a meal.

We had a great many interesting discussions followed by some of my fine cooking for dinner. Too bad you weren't here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kim Horne: Diva of Design

My office is graced by Kim Horne's original artistic master piece "Bumblebee Pollinates Lupine." She was inspired by one of my photos. I had her watercolor framed just this last week and now I've put in right above my monitor as a graphic reminder of the talented and generous people in the Eclipse community:

Ruby is in complete agreement that Kim Horne is truly a goddess of design. I'm eyeing Kim's latest creation with great fondness; it was also inspired by one of my photos. It's much nicer than the "Spider's Web" water color that you can see in the picture above.

I wonder if she'd be willing to part with it...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wild Thoughts

I learned last week that Amazon sales rankings are quite different for each country, so I was on the hunt for some interesting statistics about the second edition of the EMF book. These statistics change faster than underwear, so one needs to do a little screen grabbing to capture the moment. Apparently the EMF book was exceedingly popular in France on Saturday with these number one rankings:

By the time I clicked on the overall ranking in English books, I noticed that the EMF book was more popular than my favorite children's book!

I hope the EMF book isn't being used to lull children to sleep. Oh well, enough self promotion; it seems a little rampant these days. You might have noticed that the board elections have begun and that I'm a candidate. Of course I'm very busy digging up dirt to smear the other candidates because I believe we need a little more controversy and divisiveness in our close knit community. Not only that, there's nothing that improves one's relative stature quite as much as degrading the stature of others. You have to get up awfully early in the morning to fool scheming political hack like me!

I think Doug Gaff is particularly electable given that he's done such an excellent job for the committer community over the last year. I'd definitely vote for him, if I wasn't so completely self centered. He'll certainly need a lot of attention in my smear campaign. Speaking of highly electable people, I sure hope Mike Taylor is reelected as a sustaining members representative. His recent e4 survey is just one example of his proactive efforts to help the Eclipse community. I'm glad I don't need to smear him to get ahead.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The itemis EclipseSource Summit

There was an itemis EclipseSource Summit at my house these past few days. Peter has been here since last Friday.

As with all important summits, the security for the dignitaries was tight, complete with trained guard dogs. Unfortunately one of them has grown inordinately fond of Chris, who arrived Wednesday, and has lost her killer instinct.

Jeff arrived last night, so I made one of my gourmet dinners for everyone. We had many stimulating conversations. Too bad you weren't here.

That being said, not everyone found the conversations equally stimulating.

Even with all the excitement this week, I found a bit of time to make a diagram of the e4 application model.

It's been a busy week.