Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is in the air?

Is that spring I see glinting off the melting ice? I think it is!

Apparently the moss is always greener when it's been protected by three feet of snow all winter; I'm sure the dandelion seed will be lovely when it sprouts later in the season.

Clearly I digress, but consider that these two pictures are worth well over 2,000 words, so I've saved you a lot of reading!

Having read all the blogs, I think pretty much everyone agrees that this year's EclipseCon was the best one ever and that they've been getting better every year. Doug Gaff has a new higher bar to clear for next year thanks to Rich Gronback's bar setting performance this year. (My short side trip to Vancouver after EclipseCon to visit family was very nice, though it rained for three days straight. I forgot about that part of Vancouver.)

As most people already know, I love newsgroups, they really get you close to the pulse of what's going on in the community, so I'm obviously very happy that the new committer rep newsgroup has been created and is open for business:
Be the first to post a question or raise an issue! Demonstrate that committer apathy is a myth and that it reflects only the lack of a vehicle for expressing our views. We committer reps can't help you if you don't let us know what issues are near and dear to your heart. We have a new committer rep blog as well, just waiting for an introductory post from our official ambassador:

I also wanted to draw people's attention to 175200. Let's replace that hideous space alien that's required to appear on the web page for every incubating project with something tasteful in keeping with all the other wonderful Eclipse graphics. After installing a most awesome screen background ModelingBackground contributed by Gen Nishimura, I am spoiled and expect all Eclipse graphics to be awesome. Gen is helping, i.e., doing all the work, to create a new logo for the EMF project. This is our favorite so far!

Who says open source software has no value because it's free? We all know that the best things in life don't have a price tag!


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

I have to admit, I have camera envy.

Anonymous said...

This logo is really superb! Awesome as they say ! Absolutely fantastic.

Dave said...

The logo kinda looks cool. But is it the EMF/Eclipse--er--*death star"?

If so, there should be a gigantic laser mounted on its surface blowing away a flying Window.

Or something like that. ;-)