Tuesday, March 6, 2007

EclipseCon Monday

Today I shirked my responsibilities for helping with the EMF tutorial in favor of attending as an observer at the Eclipse board meeting. The term for the new elected committer representatives doesn't start until the next meeting, but this gives us a chance to meet face to face. It was very interesting to see how the board functions, but I won't go into detail since detailed minutes are eventually published for those who are interested.

Janet is the lady who makes sure the legal wheels at the foundation run smoothly.

Mike runs a very tight ship.

After the meeting, I tracked down Shaun and Stefan who showed me the cool things they are doing to support persistence of EMF instances with TopLink.

The tutorial was running smoothly in my absence, with ever helpful Dave being ever so helpful.

Christian was covering advanced topics.

This was followed by the community awards, which involved quite a bit of audience humiliation in the mock game shows. Chris and I eagerly await the results. We both won a trophy, a Nokia phone, and a nice Eclipse logo jacket. Woo hoo! Thanks community voters for your recognition!! Helping is its own reward but it's especially nice when it's not the only reward.

Later I ran into Martin Taal, the EMFT committer on the Teneo project, so it was time for a group photo before we tracked down the free food.

We found Kenn, Anthony, and Christian already chowing down when we got there. We were actually looking for the PDE BOF, but we couldn't pass up free food and free drinks!

When we found a table, I was surprised to find Dan Ford. He's arranging for me to speak at Almaden research on Friday, so I needed to find him at some point anyway. It's a small world.

All in all it was another fun day! Tomorrow Marcelo and I need to present our talk, so I hope that goes well.

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