Monday, September 27, 2010

A Fine Demonstration

I'm in Germany once again. Frank had his immigration interview at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin last week, so I came along. I'm glad that the flight to Germany from Vancouver isn't all that much longer than the flight from Toronto: only about 2 hours more.

The other day I went to the New Palace in Potsdam; it's one of the finest demonstrations of German culture, art, and craftsmanship I've every seen, and I've seen quite a bit this past year and a half!

Demonstrations of craftsmanship is exactly what we want for the Modeling Symposium at Eclipse Summit Europe next month. If you have something cool, new, and interesting you'd like to show in action, please contact me as soon as possible at ed dot merks at gmail dot com.

As a general reminder, I'd suggest to register for ESE immediately; keep in mind too that the Nestor hotel runs out of rooms, so book now or plan for long walks. I'm really looking forward to my next trip to Europe. It will include not only Ludwigsburg and Berlin, but also a side trip to Zurich for Eclipse Enterprise Modeling Day. If you're interested in that, please register. Meanwhile, I'm plodding away with the EMF for GWT infrastructure to enable those interested to play with it at home. Stay tuned for fruits of that labor. Come to ESE to see it in live!