Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Active is Your Committer Representative?

Now that we're in the middle of an exciting Eclipse board of directors election campaign, you're probably asking yourself, how will I decide for whom to vote? You might well be swayed by folks like Bjorn who are actively campaigning; Bjorn's always got interesting new ideas. Then again, you might prefer Boris' more subtle approach of simply encouraging you to vote; I like that approach a lot! Or you might like Chris' approach of tirelessly and visibly helping to promote our community; how can you not like Chris for that? On the other hand, Doug's more edgy approach could well be just your thing; he's always thought provoking. Clearly it helps to be visible, so I'd better not be too quiet if I want another opportunity to be on the board; I doubt that simply looking pretty in pink will help...

One thing you might consider is how actively involved are the candidates. Here are some statistics about project involvement.

Most of the candidates are quite involved. There are of course a multitude of statistics one might consider, e.g., number of commits. For that you could compare the dash statistics for caniszczyk, bbokowski, dschaefer, bfreeman, and emerks. Great, just what I needed: a sad, ugly reminder of how unproductive my 2009 was; at least 2010 is off to a better start, both personally and professionally. Check out this lovely one-of-a-kind Kim Horne original water color that I recently had framed to hang in my office as a beautiful reminder of the diversity and creativity of our community.

In the end, the choice of representative is necessarily subjective. I'm sure folks will choose wisely based on who most closely represents their own point of view as well as who is most likely to make effective positive contributions. Having seen Chris and Boris in action first hand, I can definitely recommend them for their experience and for having represented the commiters well.