Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking to the Clouds

I've been working hard these past weeks in my evil secret lair. Well, maybe not so secret, given that the results are, in true open source fashion, open: 323050. But it's definitely evil: among my tasks this week has been rejecting 6 out of every 7 Eclipse Summit Europe modeling submissions. I'm sure no one will take it personally and I'll remain ever so popular. Not! In any case, I'm taking to the clouds today!

That's right, I'm headed for Google's headquarters, with my brand new passport anxiously awaiting its first stamp of approval. (Did you know that a trip through the washing machine will launder all evidence of ever having been to the states?) It's Eclipse Day at the Googleplex where I'll be unveiling my master plan: world domination for Eclipse Modeling. Resistance is futile. Expect to be assimilated soon.