Friday, March 23, 2007

It pays to talk to people at EclipseCon!

This is an update on my previous post: JDK Bugs: To fix or not to fix?

But first a completely gratuitous photo from my collection. Here's one bug you don't want to find in your code!

As I mentioned previously, Joe Darcy from Sun brought up some helpful advice during the talk Marcelo and I did about our experience with Java 5.0 and generics. He approached us afterwards to continue the discussion and since then we have exchanged notes about the String.offsetByCodePoints bug. He pointed out that the code I showed is not the most efficient way to iterate over code points and that his blog shows a better way. It certainly does and I just love to learn better ways!

Another cool development is that he helped to convince the folks at Sun in charge of maintaining the JDKs to fix the String.offsetByCodePoints bug in the 5.0 JDK. What a nice guy! My faith that the right things always get done in the end is restored! So the moral is, it pays to go to EclipseCon and most importantly it pays to talk to anyone and everyone while you are there. The nice helpful people are everywhere in our community.

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