Friday, February 10, 2012

Xcore on Training Wheels

I've quietly been making excellent progress with Xcore. After getting IP approval, the first step was to migrate the code base to be hosted at Eclipse. I decided this was also an appropriate time to migrate EMF and XSD to use Git to preserve the github history of Xcore. All the cool kids are doing it. Being cool is very important. No one wants to be left out in the cold.

Unfortunately, learning Eclipse's Git tools has been a bit of a nightmare. Its poor support for proper line feed handling continues to be frustrating. I compare learning Git to being given an advanced new hammer, one without a handle, that if you just instruct it nicely to do what you want, will do the job ten times better than ever before. Only the instructional language is Gitinese. It's very hard to pronounce, with lots of German "ch"s (think hissing snake), "st"s, and "sp"s (think "sht" and "shp" where the "h" is implied), plenty of Dutch "g"s (think clearing your throat), and no end of "th"s (think "s" but with your tongue hanging way too far out; it is a very unusual sound if English is not your native language). Anyway, enough bashing Gitinese and the Germanic languages. Once you learn them, they all sound as if they were simply meant to be that way. Oh well, back to Xcore.
Of course we needed a logo, so I whipped one up. Maybe someone will contribute a nicer one. On a more substantial front, with the help of Dennis Hübner, we have our first builds of Xcore available. It's been contributed to the Juno repository. (Note that he's working on making EMF and XSD 2.8 build with Eclipse 3.5 so that we'll have more permissive version ranges that are properly tested.) I also finally found time to write a wiki tutorial for how to get started with Xcore. Lots of cool things are working rather nicely. We even have support for organizing imports. So have a look if you have the time.