Sunday, September 28, 2008


Milestones mark not only the progress of the development process at Eclipse, e.g., the passing of Milestone 2 and the delivery of Ganymede Service Release 1, but more generally the significant points in life's journey through time. On Sept 17th, my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

That's a pretty amazing milestone that all too few people will ever achieve! I've noticed that time passes more quickly the older you get! I bought my parents a headset so that my mom can use skype on my Dad's computer to phone her sister in the Netherlands any time she wants. Her first call was to thank her sister for the flowers:

With the end of summer, sunsets are coming noticeably earlier every day. Colder temperatures threaten to put an end to the garden.

Eclipse project and components leads should take note that with the arrival of fall, their standard plans are almost due. Specifically they're due September 30th, a milestone that is all too rapidly approaching. No one is exempt. Has your friendly helpful PMC member reminded you of your community responsibilities to be involved in this open and transparent planning process? If not, consider this a reminder (and consider reminding your PMC members of their responsibilities as leaders at Eclipse). Don't be sad, it's really not much work; just copy from someone who has already done it!

A particularly happy milestone that's rapidly approaching for me is the end the writing for the EMF book's second edition. Frank has used some of his personal vacation time to help write an appendix to cover significant new things added for EMF 2.3 (generics) and 2.4 (improved support for REST). We're hoping the book will be available at a store near you before Christmas!

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