Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make My Day

I flew out to Dallas today for the Eclipse Board meeting tomorrow.

We have some tough problems to solve, so we decided to tackle them the American way. We headed out as a group to look for the right tools for the right job.

Some of the folks where familiar with the equipment and headed straight for the back room.

The rest of us watched and instructional video, complete with a legal disclaimer, which Janet was kind enough to review for us.

Then we were ready to roll. Check out Chris' technique, taking note of the spent cartridge flying out. Like me, he succumbed to peer pressure.

Tracy literally had a blast!

And Emma, who was laughing maniacally on the way to the range, has us all a little worried. But she was quite the marksman! See the bullet hole? Unfortunately I had to crop the rest of the bullet ridden target for political correctness. Suffice to say she was like a one woman war on terror.

Although I was very skeptical about the whole gun thing, it was quite thrilling to load my Glock 17 and fire off a few rounds; maybe even a bit too thrilling!

Check out the accuracy! This is the first time I've ever fired a gun!!

I took the bullet ridden target back with me. I blew its head off too. That really made my day! Thanks Doug for helping ensure the gun didn't rip by finger open, Todd for arranging this fun outing, and Mike for reminding me not to point the gun at him. It was an accident, really!


Anonymous said...

Ah, the good old American love of guns ...

Aaratron said...

I'm impressed at your first time accuracy. Good show.

Chris Recoskie said...

What distance did you shoot that at?

If you want to get more into the sport I have a membership at the club in Port Perry, and would be willing to take you out sometime.

And is that Doug G in the back room?

Chris Recoskie said...

And BTW, you don't have to be American to love guns... we're just more outnumbered here in Canada :-(

Ed Merks said...


I don't know how far the target was in feet. It wasn't so far at the start, but I moved it to the back of the room when I blew its head off.

I'm still not sure how I feel about all the issues around guns. I was going to joke that now I'm a firm believer that guns make the world safer; I have my doubts about that though. That said, it was definitely a lot of fun and I'm a firm believer in valuing diversity, so to each their own!

Anonymous said...

Ed, I think that's an excellent strategy: get your frustrations out *before* the board meeting... :-)

Scott Lewis said...

Hi Ed,

Hilarious. I obviously timed my stint as a Board member poorly.

Tell Todd that now all that needs to happen is that the Board members be given guns for the Board meeting, with the number of bullets for each BM determined by how many lines of code they've committed in the past 2 years. Then maybe the committer reps would not have to beg so much.

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Welcome to Texas :o

Todd said...


Glad you enjoyed it! I must say I've taken many rookies for the range and you took to it much more naturally than most. Interesting...

Sorry the UZI was broken. Nothing more fun than a "bullet hose".

And for Chris...
>What distance did you
>shoot that at?

I had everyone rolling targets out to 7 meters.


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