Saturday, September 6, 2008

Meandering Down the Garden Path

I was just telling Amber and Ruby about the spaghetti incident. Amber couldn't believe letting perfectly good leftovers go to waste while Ruby misunderstood thinking there might still be some available. Sorry girls waste not want not isn't everybody's style.

As a little diversion, I thought I'd lead you down the my garden path. Things are late this year but it's prettier than ever.

Ruby likes to jump right in!

Isn't the garden path inviting? See what you're missing Ralph?

I still remember when we first moved here in 1999 and had a scale model of the back yard drawn out on grid paper; the yard was devoid of a single living thing at the time. The neighbor looked at it and asked "don't you have the grass and the beds backwards?" Um, no, I don't think so. "Oh well, it will never actually look that way," he follows up. Well, you know something? It doesn't usually pay off to underestimate me. What does pay off is to model it first. Ruby fancies herself a model.

She's been told she's pretty, smart, and sweet a few too many times I think. But telling her she's as pretty as a pink sunflower is just over the top.

Her little ego is getting swollen, so I'd better tone it done. Just keep in mind that the things you imagine can be realized if you set your mind to them. You just need to follow the right path...


David Carver said...

How many iterations of that "garden" model did you go through? I bet you are still tweaking the model, and nature is helping as well. Amber and Ruby wouldn't have liked the spaghetti, it was fuzzy. :)

Ed Merks said...

David, the garden model produces a new iteration every year, not unlike Eclipse. It's been iterating since 2000, so this year was the eighth iteration.

Amber and Ruby prefer food that's fit for human consumption. I've explained to them that the spaghetti was better composted than consumed...

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