Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going Gaga Over Galileo

As a true friend of Eclipse, I had early access to Galileo and thanks to the fast friendly mirror, I downloaded the classic SDK in just over three minutes. A friend of mine who isn't a friend of Eclipse (and who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) is finding his download will take an hour. Friendship is a bountiful font from which many good things flow and that brings a smile to my face.

Cloudsmith, my latest additional benefactor, is providing a cool community service that we've dubbed Galileo Plus. Projects like Teneo and CDO provide integration with LGPL libraries like Hibernate that can't be distributed by Eclipse. The p2 repository at is basically a clone of the Galileo repository with additional libraries such as Hibernate. Don't worry if your browser says the page for this link has forbidden access, there really is a p2 repository there and you can add it as a site in your installer like this:

Now clients of these modeling technologies have a p2 site with one-stop-shopping for their installation needs; you'll find additional categories like "Net4j Database Adapters" and "Third Party Libraries" among other things. We intend to grow this repository to include more missing bundles as well as other interesting additional bundles. If your project could benefit from this type of one-stop-shopping, send me a note and let the good times flow.

Goodbye Galileo, hello Helios.

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Vincenzo Caselli said...

Hi Ed,
on GalileoPlus we cannot find the section "Net4j Database Adapters" anymore. Do you have news about this?
Vincenzo Caselli