Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Never put off until tomorrow what you can forget about forever. After all, some problems will just go away on their own if you ignore them long enough, right?

I've been so busy these past months that a great many things have slipped through the cracks. I'm beginning to think there are more cracks than solid ground. Last I blogged I'd just traveled to Zurich for Eclipse Enterprise Modeling Day as well as to Ludwigsburg for Eclipse Summit Europe and I was living in Maple Ridge. Three months later, I'm planning a trip to Zurich for a Modeling Workshop---don't procrastinate, register immediately or miss your opportunity---as well as a trip to Santa Clara for yet another fun-filled, action-packed EclipseCon and I'm living in amazing downtown Vancouver; the Tasktop office just a five minute walk away. What happened to the house plans? A word to the wise: if you think we software engineers have trouble staying on schedule and within budget, the North American construction industry makes our industry look like a well-oiled machine. I'd rather step on a stone fish than try to design and build my own house again; it would a much quicker and far less painful death.

Don't forget, it's election time again for the Committer Representatives of the Eclipse Board of Directors. I thought fierce mudslinging might ensue while I was off gallivanting around the far east, but apparently it's turning out to be another tame campaign. While all the candidates are very good, and obviously very nice, I'm clearly by far the best because I have the prettiest underwater photographs.

Okay, that's not terribly relevant. But I do have a proven track record when it comes to braving shark-infested waters.

That's an essential skill to be sure! If you plan to vote, you have until March 11th to procrastinate.

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