Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Here, it's Finally Here!

The second edition of the EMF book physically arrived at my doorstep today! Here she is, modeling her new improved jacket with the Ecore Tools diagram of the Ecore model as a backdrop.

What a stunningly fashionable combination! With almost twice as much meaty content that's more than twice as excellent as the last edition, I expect it will be all the rage in the new year. According to Amazon, if you order today, it will still arrive in time to ring in the new year on Wednesday night. We live in a world of instant gratification...


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Congratulations... I envy you guys.

Now only if we could finish the new RCP book :)

Anonymous said...

No fair! You got to see it first. ;-)

Well, I'm on my way home now, and I'm sure it's waiting for me.

Thanks for sharing the good news!

- Dave

ekke said...

great ... will deliver in 2 days :-)

good news these days about eclipse books:

* EMF book is here
* Eric Clayberg's Plug-In Development will come in 2 weeks ...

online-help is good, but I always like to have real books in my hands

thanks to all your great work

ekke only waiting for the new RCP book ;-)

Ian Bull said...

Congratulations Guys!!! Time to order my copy!

Wassim Melhem said...

Congratulations! I am sure it is a wonderful collection of EMF essays.

Incidentally, I was promised a complimentary copy a year and a half ago. Has the statute of limitations run out?

varioustoxins said...

Hi Ed

Congratulations on the new born baby, I have been reading it in rough cut for the last few months and it is an excellent book. It deserves to do well.

Now the kicker. Do you know if Rough Cut readers will get to see a complete version at some point? I haven't seen an e-mail to say that the rough cut has ended and also haven't seen a final copy on safari

Ed Merks said...


Did you get that promise in writing? A promissory note will be required...


If you paid for the print book bundle, you ought to get it very soon. I understand the book was first in the warehouse on December 24th and that only after this point did sending physical copies to people become possible. Of course with all the holidays immediately following that, I'm surprised to get my copies on Dec 29th. I imagine many things won't be in full swing again until next week.

varioustoxins said...

Hi Ed & All
I didn't pay for the book and pdf bundle instead I bought something called "pdf access". I didn't expect that i would get a copy of the paper book because the deal was too cheap, but it did look like that I would get online access to something that that looked like the completed book even if it wasn't as neat as the final product eg a galley proof etc (I have looked at an awful lot of place holders over the last few months and had to imagine what they contain ;-))

Here is what the help message when purchasing a rough cut promises:

Access Rough Cuts now by selecting one of the available purchase options. You can purchase digital access of each revision, pre-order the print book at a significant discount, or get the best of both worlds - digital access now and the discounted print book later. For more information, visit our online support center.

for info from the full support site (

The Rough Cuts service gives you early access to content on cutting-edge technologies - before it's published. The Rough Cuts service lets you read the evolving manuscript of a book as it is being written. Depending on your subscription, you have or can purchase online access to the title with unlimited viewing and PDF downloads of each revision, pre-purchase the print book at a significant discount, or get the best of both worlds - online access immediately and the discounted print book later. Any way you cut it, you will receive the finished product when it is published. Rough Cuts books are published from a few months to a year after being included in the program.

I guess I should contact O'Reilly in a few days if nothing turns up on the website (another purchaser has asked on the rough cut-blog but hasn't got a reply yet). They do seem a bit tardy as the last update to the pdf version was on 2008/10/15.


Ed Merks said...


I definitely would expect you'd have access to the final PDF version.

Just so you know, the authors have not received any payments to date based on Rough Cut sales.

Now that we're finally done, I can start planning my early retirement...

Scott said...

I was waiting for this second edition for long time and cannot be happier after I got it. As expected, an excellent edition that provides a lot more materials over the first edition.

A bit of disappointment, the source code of the book examples is not available at link appointed in the preface;

However, it won’t be fair to rate this book less than 5 stars because it’s the state of art in building applications using EMF. Please authors, provide the source code of the book examples ASAP.

Anonymous said...


Apologies for not having the examples up in time.

Rest assured that I'm working to get that posted now. I decided it would be helpful to include all of the examples redone on a 2.4 base, and that took a bit of time. I still need to write a readme.

It should be posted in a matter of days.

- Dave

Scott said...

Thanks Dave, understood.


varioustoxins said...

early retirement, please no! But I hope thye pay you well ;-) for all the hard work

and a happy new year

Family Friend said...

Congratulations !!! Much awaited book has come and i am on the way to order my copy.

betto said...

Uh! I look forward to getting it!
Many compliments!

Kevin McGuire said...

Ed, congratulations, quite an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Hi dave,
Can you give a time frame for posting the examples of EMF-2?



Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

I sent the examples zip off to the publisher last week, but apparently there was some mix-up and so it still hasn't been posted.

While we're waiting for them to post it, I'll make it available at a temporary location:

Sorry, I probably should have done this last week, but I wasn't expecting that it would take long for them to post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Dave, Got it.


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