Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Really Big Models

My modeling pilgrimage to Nantes the other week was most enjoyable. The stupid modeling talk went over well and it was great fun spending time with Jean as well as the academic and industrial modeling researchers from the area. Instead staying at an impersonal hotel, Stéphane, Etienne, and Cédric each hosted me at their respective homes. I even participated in the swimming portion of the La Baule Triathalon. Checkout out my awesome team.

After the triathlon, we played soccer for a few hours; I hate to admit that I had trouble walking the next few days. Thanks to the Nathalie Effect, my soccer team crushed the other team; sorry Etienne, better luck next year. The day was rounded off by a giant barbecue party at Cedric's country estate.

Since then I've been working with Eike to prepare for the Eclipse Code Camp which is next week; did I ever mention how much I dislike preparing slides? I've also been working with Ian on the plans for the Eclipse Modeling Days as well as with Bernd on the agenda for Eclipse Summit Europe's Modeling Symposium. If you're interested in participating in these events please let us know! Lately I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew...

This last weekend was a special event for Berlin: the wall came down twenty years ago. As part of the festivities, I saw the biggest model ever!

The small giant above was 7 meters tall but the big one was 14 meters!!

I can say without fear of contradiction that models are big in Germany!


Mika said...

That's funny, you bring big models from Nantes to Berlin (the company that build those models is based in Nantes actually http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_de_Luxe)

The Giant of the Titanic and the Diver have been introduced at the beginning of June. Next time you come visiting us, you should visit The Machines of the Isle of Nantes :)

Goulwen Le Fur said...

I'm not sure that "crush" is the good verb. I'm mean 10-9 it's not ridiculous for the other team !

Ok, Ok, It's true, I played in the other team ;)

Anyway, It was very cool to see you again in Nantes and I hope our soccer team can have a revenche next year :)

Ed Merks said...

Okay, it's true that we won by the narrowest of victories... I hate it when people cloud issues with facts. I'm still hopeful it felt like a crushing defeat. :-P