Friday, 16 October 2009

Much Ado About Modeling

What a relief! Eike and I completed our Code Camp yesterday here in Munich. It was a great deal of effort to prepare the material and given my strong dislike for working on powerpoint slides, all the advanced work seemed particularly onerous. But it was fun once we got started and now that it's done we have excellent material for the next time. The attendees were certainly very positive in their reviews; look at how studious they were doing their exercises.

Everyone had a great time and even I learned a lot listening to Eike's excellent presentation about CDO. CDO is totally cool and I bet a lot more people would use it if they knew more about it. Eike's CDO tutorial at ESE on October 27th is bound to be well attended; Tom will also be involved to explain how EMF and databinding are as complimentary as nuts and chocolate. Speaking of totally cool, the DSL tutorial at ESE I'm sure will be a big hit as well; Xtext is one of my favorite things. It goes without saying that attending the ESE Modeling Symposium after the tutorial of your choice is an absolute must; don't forget to send us your abstracts so we can prepare a fascinating agenda. It's clear that October 27th will be all modeling all the time! Even the b3 symposium and the e4 symposium are about modeling. In Germany, every time you turn around, there's another model, or statue if you like.

Of course you don't have to attend ESE to learn more about modeling. For example, the itemis guys are doing several training sessions in the coming weeks, not to mention the upcoming modeling days in Toronto and New York. Don't forget to register! Personally I'm very excited to learn more about the Agent Modeling Platform, among other things; Miles is doing some really cool stuff. There are definitely interesting things on the horizon as well as a clear path for how to get there.

Eike and I were going to go sight seeing in Munich today, but it's unseasonably cold---it snowed the last few days--- and we're just not properly equipped with warm jackets, so we'll head back to Berlin around noon. I'm not exactly sure what to sink my teeth into next.

No doubt it will be modeling related. Perhaps I should tackle that growing defect backlog!

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Vincenzo Caselli said...

Ed, we are eager to attend your "Advanced Programming Techniques with EMF and CDO"! Just would have preferred to follow also "Domain-Specific Languages with Eclipse Modeling". It's a pity they overlaps. ESE should last longer
Vincenzo Caselli
RCP Vision