Friday, 23 October 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

Do you ever feel as if life is speeding by in a blur? I often feel that way these days.

My time in Berlin is rapidly nearing the end. How can the last five weeks have gone by so quickly? It's been more than a bit little dazzling.

Next week is Eclipse Summit Europe, so I'll be off to Ludswigburg. I love the cozy atmosphere of the summit! I've been fortunate to have been able to attend every single one; I've only missed one EclipseCon, but let's not go there. The summit gets better every year so I have particularly high expectations. No doubt it will be grand.

Ralph would be very happy if you registered immediately; we all live to make him happy, don't we? Of course it will make your pocket happier not to wait until next week. Note that last I checked, there were at least 60 people planning to attend the modeling symposium. Bernd and I have a few interesting sessions lined up already, but there's still room if you having something cool you'd like to show off. It doesn't have to be anything too formal.

The registration for the Eclipse Modeling Days is looking very good too. That's something to look forward to after Frank, Else, and I leave Berlin behind at the beginning of November. These days, Berlin is the city of lights; I'll always remember it fondly.

When you live life in the fast lane, there's never a dull moment. I even fixed almost the entire defect backlog this week!

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