Thursday, 20 August 2009

Berlin's Eclipse Modeling Stammtisch

The Eclipse Modeling Stammtisch in Berlin yesterday was a lot of fun. Eike and I arrived a few minutes late only to realize we'd really not made good arrangements for how to find others at the huge beer garden. Eike took off his hat to be more easily recognizable; clearly I should have worn my pink shirt. Fortunately it didn't take us long to find the early birds; the hats with little propellers really helped. Beer is not my drink of choice, but I'm acquiring a taste for weiƟbier so I promptly started on one of those. After the social lubricant, we got down to some real hard work. First we created an economic model which we used to resolve the economic crisis.

Then we built a climate model and promptly came up with a way to halt global warming without banning SUVs.

Next we hashed out a new food distribution model to solve the problem of world hunger; there really is plenty of good food to go around.

And finally we created a new agent model to arrive at a proven policy for achieving world peace. We're calling the new policy: Open Source for Open Minds.

When all the great problems of our times were resolved, Ralph showed up to shower us with praise and more importantly, the free beer I promised.

I lost track of time after that. Good company and good beer tends to do that! Thanks for the fun time to those of you who came; sorry you couldn't make it to all the rest of you. Maybe next time...


Jacek Pospychala said...

looking at photos, seems there's a looots of modeling enthousiasts in Berlin! :-D

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...


It looks sunny and warm in Germany :)

Java Chap said...

Good laugh reading this. Yeah taht what a Stammtisch is supposed to be: Solving all the world problems at one table in an elevated state of mind ;-)

I've been there, and got a nice view on how modelling (and EMF) is used in various domains. I particularly liked to listen to some folks talking about feature models and software product lines.

Thanks to the guys from the eclipse foundation for that nice evening