Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Truly Good Person

A great many people from the Eclipse community as well as close friends and family have helped me in countless ways over the past months, often in ways they may think small but collectively to me looms large. I want to express my appreciation for everyone's kinds thoughts, kind deeds, and what I'd characterize as goodness of spirit. Larry and I both appreciated it more than you might imagine. Instead of Ed the software engineer, I will pretend for just this one time to be Ed the poet. I'll express my thoughts in the form of a poem, and no, I won't give up my day job. Larry would be proud of that, I believe. He was most certainly a Truly Good Person.

The title of what I'll call the Truly Good Person poem resounds with the truth that underlies contradiction.

Goodness: The Eternally Transient Changing Constant

The goodness of spirit
and the spirit of goodness
are one and the same.

While theologians among us debate,
while rule followers and makers clash,
to all who behold,
it is clear when they look,
that goodness is manifest.
This is clear,
without faith,
without rules,
for there is manifest goodness wherever we look.

Be the manifestation of goodness,
and behold the manifestation of goodness in others.
Be the change that is good,
and behold the goodness of change.
Be the spirit of goodness,
the eternally transient, changing, constant.
Be a truly good person.

It's an important lesson for each of us: be a Truly Good Person for in doing so you will be loved and you will find peace. It's certainly clear to me that my social circle, which includes the Eclipse community, is rife with Truly Good People. You all know who you are and you should know that you are appreciated.

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Unknown said...

Its a beautiful poem