Monday, February 9, 2009

Wild Thoughts

I learned last week that Amazon sales rankings are quite different for each country, so I was on the hunt for some interesting statistics about the second edition of the EMF book. These statistics change faster than underwear, so one needs to do a little screen grabbing to capture the moment. Apparently the EMF book was exceedingly popular in France on Saturday with these number one rankings:

By the time I clicked on the overall ranking in English books, I noticed that the EMF book was more popular than my favorite children's book!

I hope the EMF book isn't being used to lull children to sleep. Oh well, enough self promotion; it seems a little rampant these days. You might have noticed that the board elections have begun and that I'm a candidate. Of course I'm very busy digging up dirt to smear the other candidates because I believe we need a little more controversy and divisiveness in our close knit community. Not only that, there's nothing that improves one's relative stature quite as much as degrading the stature of others. You have to get up awfully early in the morning to fool scheming political hack like me!

I think Doug Gaff is particularly electable given that he's done such an excellent job for the committer community over the last year. I'd definitely vote for him, if I wasn't so completely self centered. He'll certainly need a lot of attention in my smear campaign. Speaking of highly electable people, I sure hope Mike Taylor is reelected as a sustaining members representative. His recent e4 survey is just one example of his proactive efforts to help the Eclipse community. I'm glad I don't need to smear him to get ahead.


Werner Beckmann said...

Perhaps you could use a slogan like "yes we code" or something? ;-)


Unknown said...

Or maybe "Ecore we can" ;-)

Doug Gaff said...

Thanks for the endorsement Ed! I hope we'll be working together. You're doing a great job representing the committers, too.