Friday, 6 February 2009

The itemis EclipseSource Summit

There was an itemis EclipseSource Summit at my house these past few days. Peter has been here since last Friday.

As with all important summits, the security for the dignitaries was tight, complete with trained guard dogs. Unfortunately one of them has grown inordinately fond of Chris, who arrived Wednesday, and has lost her killer instinct.

Jeff arrived last night, so I made one of my gourmet dinners for everyone. We had many stimulating conversations. Too bad you weren't here.

That being said, not everyone found the conversations equally stimulating.

Even with all the excitement this week, I found a bit of time to make a diagram of the e4 application model.

It's been a busy week.


Michael said...

The "M" prefix for the e4 application model classes stands for "Merks", right?

Ed Merks said...

I don't comment on rumor because denial will just sound incriminating.