Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's Old is New

Wow. Have a close look!

The Eclipse home page has a new and improved face!!


Kenn Hussey said...

D'oh! It doesn't render so well in Chrome. :(

Christian W. Damus said...

Yoiks! Let's hope this will morph into some kind of customizable portal, because everything I need is now hidden away.

Of course, I have all kinds of bookmarks that bypass the frontpage, anyhow ...

Nathan said...


I'll work on getting the Chrome issues fixed up, i havent added it to my testing list yet as its still a pretty new browser.


I'm curious what some of the items were that got hidden away.

Christian W. Damus said...

@Nathan: The only reason that I visit the main page (because I have so many bookmarks into my committer/project pages) is to use the links in the "Useful Links" department (IRC, Newsgroups, etc.), the Plug-in Central news roll-up, and the Community News roll-up. Much of this content is now at least a click further removed.

Of course, the page is much tidier now, so I can understand that it is less intimidating to newcomers. I just happen to be comfortable in clutter. You should see my den :-)

Would it be possible to have the best of both worlds with portal-style ("My") customizable content on the bottom? Also, I wonder why the circle of personae takes up so much screen space? In Safari on a MacBook Pro it pretty much fills the available space, but I think there are a couple of rendering glitches that contribute to this.

Nathan said...

Sorry the previous comment was mine but i was logged into the wrong Google Account.

The EMO does have a "My Custom Portal" idea in mind for the homepage. I cant give you any timeframe or specifics, but its definitely on the radar.