Friday, October 31, 2008

Prepare for the Worst but Hope for the Best

When the sun sets tonight, we should expect things to get spooky!

It's best to be prepared for that, so I've been carving my pumpkins early. Be careful what you say, or the cat might get your tongue.

Or, if you've bad, like ignoring your community, demons might rise up from the depths.

We can always stitch you up after you've been torn to pieces, but it's never quite the same.

Maybe I'll finally spot that elusive alien!

I have one pumpkin left to carve and have yet to decide on what the pumpkin wants to become...


Christian W. Damus said...

Wow! I dig that alien! You weren't on the X-Files special-effects team, were you?

Anonymous said...


nickb said...

Nice work! Have you considered one of these stencils ? Pick one, click on it to see it "carved", then print it out.

Anonymous said...

Pieces of art! As Halloween is not so common in Germany yet, this year was the first time that I carved pumpkins. Well, you just raised the bar for me. ;-)