Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bon Voyage

Yesterday was the official last day of my 16 years of employment at IBM. I marked the occasion with a trip down to the Markham lab to drop off all the old hardware along with a few other odds and ends. After that I went out for a "last lunch" with some of my lab colleges which was followed by a very short EMF "planning" meeting with Nick, Dave, and Marcelo back at the lab. I thought I would be more emotional, but perhaps it hasn't all sunk in.

Today I spent time preparing for my 10 day cruise on the Caledonia.

It's exceedingly good timing to start my new adventures in life with a particularly cool new adventure. By tomorrow night, I'll be sailing into the sunset.

I don't know if they have internet on the ship, but I'm going to pretend they don't even if they do. So don't expect to hear anything from me until after July 29th at which point I should have some really cool new pictures. I hope the rest of the EMF community helps to look after the newsgroup.


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Have fun :)

Anonymous said...

German people would say
"Mast- und Schotbruch!"
The Meaning is:May you always have wind in your sails and a hand-width of water under your keel!


Anonymous said...

Bon voyage Ed !

John Duimovich said...

Best of luck and enjoy your trip Ed.

Anonymous said...

All the best Ed ... I'll always remember how great it was to work with you and Mike on my first project at IBM

Patrick Mueller said...

Ed, got an email address? I wanted to email you a link to this:; but didn't know how. Given previous conversations on JSON.

Sad to hear you left IBM, our loss. Enjoy yourself!