Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rain in Vancouver

I've been in Vancouver visiting family since Saturday, and it's rained every day. Some might be saddened by this, but I see clearly the beauty it brings.

Chris' departure saddens me far more. Fortunately I expect to see Chris and Jeff frequently at the Eclipse board meetings. I hope that many opportunities will bloom for them both.

One of the nice things about my job at IBM is that I can work from home and on a week like this, I can simply work from Vancouver instead of Toronto. Hardly anyone will notice and certainly no one will get prickly.

I even took a bit of time off during the day to see the Canadian team win their hockey game and then fly the maple leaf flag up high where it belongs.

A T-shirt I saw the other day summed it up well: Canadians like to be on top. This was made more poignant by the associated map of North America where Canada is clearly positioned geographically where it likes to be.

The Ganymede M7 packages are out now! For the Eclipse modeling community, it's getting to be far easier to obtain everything they need in just one easy step.


Wayne said...

How do you mean on top?

Ed Merks said...

Wayne, it's an upside down world in which you live!

Sue said...

Just happened across your blog, purely by accident.

Just wanted to say that your photos are amazing :-) Absolutly beautiful :-)

LOL At your t-shirt reference :-D