Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Announcing m4!

I've been working on a plan for EMF 4.0 in my secret evil lair for quite some time now and today seemed like the perfect day to announce its fruition. I will dub it m4, not to be confused with b4 or e4. Unlike these other projects, mine will be completely transparent to the community: I intend to install a webcam so you can monitor its progress.

So what is planned for m4? Is it everything the community has been wanting? I don't think so, I'm sick of community whining. It will be exactly what I feel like doing personally. Will it be binary compatible with EMF 2.x? Yeah, right. Does that sound like it would be much fun for me? So no, I don't think so; everyone will just have to rewrite their code. And by the way, I'm kind of sick of the "E" prefix, so I'll start by changing every E to M. And no, don't bother asking, it won't be compliant with EMOF either.

In the interests of being open---what good project isn't transparent and open?---I'm looking for the community to stop whining and get involved. Only those willing to do my bidding without questioning my direction need apply. I particularly dislike dissent, so if you have opinions of your own, it's best you don't bother me with them. Tell someone who cares; I doubt anyone will. So to begin with, I'll be the only m4 committer. I figure transparency is more important than openness anyway, so with that webcam installed, there will be little cause for complaint on that front.

So what about the 2.x stream? What about it? It's open source so you can provide patches yourself. But don't hold your breath because I'll be busy with m4. When can you expect these exciting new developments? That will be a surprise won't it! I'm getting a big new fish tank and it's time to start planting for this year's garden, so don't expect me to prioritize the community's needs ahead of my own.


scottr said...

happy 4/1 to you....

Lucas said...

you didn't mention that you now work at Msft labs in Redmaond BTW ;-)

nice 4/1 too !

Barbara Rosi-Schwartz said...

Do I detect a hint of community related repetitive strain syndrome here?... ;-)

Great stuff Ed!