Tuesday, 18 March 2008

EclipseCon: Monday Afternoon

After the board meeting was done, I spent time chatting with a few people, which of course is one of the great things about Eclipse. I also discovered that there are actually two Lynns! Sure she's a spiffy dresser (nice jacket Lynn!) and she seems all sweet and innocent, but she wears a green "trouble maker" ribbon for a reason:

She starts out all nice as she is here with Kevin McGuire.

But one wrong word from Kevin and it's Lynn's evil twin:

After that, no man is safe, not even poor Eike Stepper, who maneuvered quickly to protect himself from the uncalled-for assault.

Event poor Anthony Hunter wasn't safe.

She calmed down a bit and lulled David Williams into a false sense of security.

But then she let him have it too!

Then it was time for the Eclipse Jeopardy and the Community Awards. I sucked at Jeopardy and I think Bjorn unfairly favored Jeff to win. He said cheating was okay, but I didn't think that meant Bjorn was allowed to cheat.

I felt honored to win the Top Ambassador award! Chris was Top Committer. Remy Suen was the Top Contributor. And Eric Rizzo was the Most Prolific Newcomer Evangelist. I'll have to work on my diplomacy skills now!

I spotted James and Christian at the reception.

I didn't know Ralph and Pat were good friends!

I practiced by diplomatic skills on Markus, Rich, Achim and Bernd with great results:

I felt bad I missed the Modeling in the Enterprise BoF. Time flies when you have free foot and drinks. Quite a few people turned out for the Where are my Models BoF.

It took two pictures to capture them all.

Ed Willink and Rich described some of their current implementation details and we discussed general requirements. I'll need to go off and investigate a prototype implementation for something we can all share.

Tomorrow should be another exciting day. I look forward to it. Stay tuned.

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Chris Recoskie said...

Sadly the Eclipse Ladies don't seem to be making an appearance this year :-(