Monday, March 17, 2008

EclipseCon: The Day Before

I had to get up early to fly to San Francisco today. The girls needed a goodbye hug before I left.

Unlike Kenn's flight, our flight left on time and actually arrived early. There were many familiar faces on our flight, including Chris Recoskie Mike, Kimberley, Wassim, and of course Dave and Nick.

Wassim, Dave, Nick, and I went for a nice walk and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

After that I met with Francisco, Faisal, and Greg to discuss the kinds of things that make open source projects successful.

At the registration hall, Lynn twists arms and holds no punches in an effort to get Naci to commit to a webinar. Apparently she's got a list of people she's stalking, so I suggest if you spot her, you agree to whatever reasonable thing she requests before the scene turns ugly!

Lynn and I had a drink in the sunshine and then I went to my room to call home. Note that I could use the internet connection to phone for free, including a webcam feed. No need for expensive cell phones! I also answered a few newsgroups questions; those things never seem to take a day off!

Then it was off to Ian's blogger party, which just attracted more and more people until all the tables were used up. Free beer tends to do that!

As we headed up to Mike's board reception, I ran into Ed Willink whose picture is not yet on the modeling who's who page. As I threatened those who did not provide pictures: I will find you and photograph you!

Two steps further and there's Tatiana, Rich, and John!

The board reception was very sociable with yummy stacks and more free drinks. Here are Janet and Ralph.

A last check at the lobby bar turns up Dave Carlson and Kenn chatting.

It's been a long day!

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Marcelo Paternostro said...

Thanks for the pictures! It makes not going to EclipseCon a little less sucky :-)