Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Diversity is More Than Just a Symbol

With all this recent talk about diversity, imagine my surprise when I got up just past the crack of dawn this morning to see the very symbol of diversity arching across my backyard.

This is just too coincidental and clearly something that I feel compelled to share with those who sleep in well past the crack of dawn.

Do you see how all the different colors of the flowers are complimented by all the different colors in the rainbow? Diversity isn't just nice. It's pretty too. And for a successful project at Eclipse, it's even expected if not absolutely required.


Kim Moir said...

Very beautiful Ed! I visited a garden last week but was mildly disappointed - not as colourful as yours at this time of year.

I find it ironic that the number of eclipse committers from each company is the only measure of diversity ever mentioned. Other statistics are also interesting...committers by country, committers by gender, the number with purple hair and so on. Diversity makes life more interesting.

Doug Gaff said...

+1 for diversity in every sense of the word. Also, I love seeing pictures of your garden on the planet eclipse feed. It's a nice break from code and open source.