Saturday, 2 June 2007

Sneaky Behavior?

This year we started feeding the foxes that regularly visit our back yard, hoping they'll be so well fed, they won't be tempted to eat our dogs. It's very hard to get a picture of these sneaky little guys in action, so we bought a motion triggered camera. The picture quality isn't great, but look who we caught red pawed at the trough:

It turns out there are actually two of these little guys!

And a big one too.

We think the little ones are the babies from last year and are hoping to see new babies from this year out and about soon.

Speaking of apparent sneaky behavior. When the JDJ polls for best Java component closed the other day, I was rather pleased to see that EJB3 was at 583, JSuite at 593, and EMF at 623. Imagine my surprise when the next day the standing was quite different. Despite the polls being closed, JSuite had jumped to 746. That's a surge of 153 votes all in one day. That's quite the voter turnout, especially after the polls were closed! If I'd had my little camera set up at the ballot box, we'd get some really interesting pictures. I'm hopeful that the JDJ auditing process will take note of such irregularities..

1 comment:

pombreda said...

JDJ: what a shame!
But what do you expect? EMF never bought advertising in JDJ, did it?