Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eclipse Summit Europe 2008: The Day Before

Our flight to Frankfurt was scheduled to leave at 6:10 and we got to the airport at 4:10. After waiting for 45 minutes in line, we got the last 2 seats on the plane because it was way over booked. The plane left 1/2 hour late but arrived 20 minutes early. How do they do that? In the airport in Frankfurt I finally bought a SIM card for the Nokia phone I won at EclipseCon, so now I have a German phone number. We used it to call Ralph so he could pick us up at the train station in Zwingenberg. We promptly headed for Schloss Auerbach, which was shrouded in fog.

Dave, Lynn, Susan, Ralph, Larry (taking the picture), and I spent a bit of time in the cafe. Dave has to leave, so when Susan took him to the train, Lynn, Ralph, Larry, and I hiked down from the mountain.

Ralph showed us the way back on the trail map; it didn't look so far on the map!

After a long refreshing trek, we finally got back to civilization.

Larry and I had to hold Lynn up.

Ralph and Lynn were simply exhausted so we had to recaffeinate ourselves.

After dinner we sped down the highway headed for Ludswigburg. No speed limits; what an interesting idea!

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