Monday, 17 March 2008

EclipseCon: The Board Meeting

Breakfast for the board meeting started at 7:30, so no sleeping in today. I'm honored to have been reelected and I'll work hard to live up to expectations. Voter turn out for the election was still shockingly low so we have a long way to go to improve this situation...

The meeting started with Bjorn presenting some of the conference finance and attendee statistics. EclipseCon 2008 is definitely doing well.

There are so many board members, it's hard to fit them all around the table, which also makes taking their picture more difficult. But then, committers always love a challenge!

Note the sash I'm wearing? As part of enhancing board member visibility Bjorn has come up with this very visible sash that we can wear at the reception tomorrow. He asked me to come up and model it. I felt just like Miss America. I was so moved, I nearly started babbling; I felt the need to say "such as" repeatedly. Maybe it's something in the water...

Of course my sash modeling went over quite well. Whom better to model something, after all?

See Darin in the background, taking a picture of me taking a picture? I feel sad he wasn't reelected.

You can see others fawning over their new satiny new sash!

I'm also sad that add-in provider representative Howard Lewis will not longer be on the board. As Jeff said, we will miss his experience and his sage advice.

It's too bad there are board confidentiality rules to hold me back. Otherwise, I could blog about all the discussions in detail. Oh well, the published abridged minutes will have to suffice.

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